2 thoughts on “Marbled Rock

  1. Apparently, Confucious said (and I paraphrase): Life is simple, we make it complicated.
    or something like that.
    That looks like a streak of calcite – there’s enormous complexity in that photo – think of all the insect life and plant processes and geological work that bought that boulder to that spot . .
    You could explore it further – think about some of Minor White’s simple/complex treatments of things . .


    1. Thanks for the comments. Despite my head being full of them, I know little about rocks. I could go back and explore the boulder some more. It’s not going anywhere (I hope) and every few weeks it will look a bit different. Or, rather, its surroundings will be slightly different. I’m not sure I can get close at the moment because it’s in a riverbed and there’s been rain.


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