Fence Post and Shadow

This is another photo I recently had scanned. Gangneung doesn’t usually get much snow, but every few years a relatively large amount will fall. I made this out by Anmok Harbour, along the side of the road. I may go back later and crop this to 5:4 format and get rid of the pipe in the upper left, but this is not bad. Thoughts?
I used Kodak Ektar 100 and some camera for this photograph. I don’t often use Ektar because I rarely get colours I like, but this one worked out fine. Maybe the film just needs the proper light and exposure. I used cheap ‘vacation’ film on a recent trip to Seoul and got 50MB scans done of a few photos that I really liked. But cheap film is cheap film and not even a high-end professional scanner can make it look really good. This Ektar, however, has very detail and fine grain. You get what you pay for . . . .

Trees and Shadows

Trees and Shadows. 2007

I made this photograph one morning while waiting for the bus to work. I was impressed by the long, dark shadows of the trees on the winter grass. I always keep a camera hanging off my shoulder or in my bag just in case I come across an interesting scene. I always have the iPhone camera in my pocket, of course, but, well, you know . . . it’s nice, but a proper camera beats it every time.