I don’t know what camera I used to make these photographs, but it was either the Nikon F6 or the FM3a. I think it was probably the FM3a because I seem to remember focusing manually. When I got the scans back I also remember thinking that although the FM3a’s viewfinder only shows 93% of what will appear on the film, the lab seemed to send back scans that were only about 90% of what was on the film. This happens now and then and is one of the aggravations of using film. It didn’t matter that much for these photographs (except the scooter photo, maybe) – it’s just an annoyance.
It was an overcast day when I went out with the camera, so the colours are muted. But this cheap-o film produces some very nice colours. It’s a shame the large amount of grain prevents large prints.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy these glimpses of what the streets of Korea look like.

Alley Bicycle
Delivery Scooter
The Road to Geumhak Noodles
Must Not Miss This Sale!
Something That Does a Thing Converted to a Parking Space Saver
Alley Sunflowers

6 thoughts on “Kodak Colorplus 200

  1. You should get your own film scanner -they’re not too expensive.
    Nice film though – the colours are very natural.


  2. Nice set of shots.

    “Top” noodles I see 😉 Do they often mix English words with Korean? Is that simply an attempt to be trendy (=Westernised)?

    I like the sale window&caption. Everywhere seems to have permanent sales these days – great news for consumers 🙂 And Lacoste in the reflection…I’m guessing this was in an expensive shopping are (?)


    1. Thanks. ‘Top’ is part of another shop’s advert. A coin operated Karaoke room. Using English is trendy. All the K-pop kids have weird English sounding names. There isn’t really an expensive part of Gangneung, though you can get several brand stores in a row in the downtown area.


      1. That reminds me of a funny story a few years ago. I was hailed by this young couple in a car as I was walking through Coleraine. They sounded Aussie…’Hey mate, where’s the restaurant area?’. I had to severely suppress a laugh and a smart retort (‘You’re in the wrong town, mate – there isn’t one’). Instead I suggested they drive to Portrush where a few of the Harbour restaurants are ok. We’re very restaurant-challenged in this area-but that’s ok, as we like to cook good food at home.


  3. Ha ha. There are so many restaurants in Korea. Almost no one here brings lunches to work. If the company is large there will be a cafeteria and if there’s no cafeteria everyone will go to nearby restaurants. I avoid going to the cafeteria at work or any restaurant at 12 because they’re packed solid.


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