I am still going through the photo archive on my hard drive, working my way from older photos to the present day. I’m now at 2006. Although I had good cameras at the time (Contax 645, Nikon D70, Nikon FM3a), I didn’t have much skill because there is almost nothing worth sharing from that period. There are many photos of family and friends thanks to the zero(?) cost of digital photography though, so that’s good.

One photo worth sharing was made when I travelled to the city of Andong with my photo class to the see the Hahoe Mask Dance Festival. I wasn’t especially interested in the dances because I saw them many times when I lived in Andong. And I don’t like dancing that much. But the festival had an area where you could buy food, local products, souvenirs, and even handcrafted traditional masks.

Mask Carving, Hahoe Mask Dance Festival, Andong. 2005

This was the only photo I thought was worth keeping from the day. I can’t be certain, but I think I was using an FM3a and the film was probably Ilford Delta 400.

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