Assembly Area, Seongsan, 2019
7-11 Picnic Table, Seongsan, 2019

The rain stopped early in the morning of September 12th, so I climbed across my bike and went for a ride as far as Seongsan. It was the usual route through Geumsan and then to the 7-11 at the end of town for a tin of mocha coffee and a little rest. I set the camera for black and white, but it turned out that colour was better for some of the photos I made that morning.

Black and white was the better choice for the first photo because the scene was more or less monochrome anyway. I thought there was a building going up behind these fences and gate, but the sign says it’s an assembly area. Whatever that means. Over the top of the fence I could see some large metal structures that looked like they might be parts of a bridge or another large infrastructure project.

I made the second photo because I liked the deep green of the plant and the slightly orange-ish brown of the picnic table. I usually make a couple of photos of the picnic tables and flower pots when I stop for my tin of coffee. The owner probably thinks I’m mad. But maybe doesn’t care as long as he makes 900 Won every time I drop by.

7 thoughts on “Black and White and Colour

    1. Maybe that orange has just gotten across the continent to us. The assembly area in colour looks almost the same as it does in black and white. Dark grey walls and a slightly darker grey gate. The sky was heavy and grey that morning as well. The bit of grass in the lower right was greenish, but I thought it looked better as a patch of dark.


      1. the thing with greys is it is really hard to get them to give some fizz, or everything looks underexposed (which that sort of does – not being critical or anything) that’s why I wondered whether it looked different in colour. Sometimes, and I have done it a fair bit, I’ve just thought. Argh! and packed my camera away ‘;0)


      2. Yes, there’s not much lightness in the photo at all. I worried a bit about the photo looking underexposed at first, but I think the dark tones match the gothic and foreboding look of the walls and gate.


  1. I think the nearest wall could just do with some more pop if you know what I mean, or even something reflective. Ever thought about taking something like one of those lastolite reflectors (you can get quite small ones) – they can be useful in dull light!


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