6 thoughts on “Sunrise Cow Shed

  1. I like this one, though the flare from the sun has taken out the shadow detail. Had it been film a compensating developer might well have helped. Sorry – assuming it is Acros and Square on your Fuji!
    Still it has a lot of atmosphere and that’s what counts – it is hard to capture atmosphere.
    As for the cow – probably propping up someone’s lunch I’m afraid to say.


    1. Thanks for commenting, Mr. Barnacle. I think it was a working animal, so possibly not on a menu. The photograph was made using the Acros simulation and I was careful not to blow any highlights or do whatever the shadows equivalent of that is. Everything in the scene fits on the sensor, so to speak. I tried lightening the shadows but I felt more detail took away from the mood of the photo. So I left it as I made it on the day.


  2. Oh well, I must say I really like this snap. The sun is coming directly into the picture, yes, but in my eyes it just adds to the overall feeling of a slightly chill and quiet morning with nothing much going on around the area. I might be wrong in that assumption of course, but either way that’s the feeling I get when I see it. And it’s a good feeling all the same 🙂


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