I started taking photography classes soon after arriving in Gangneung, and my enthusiasm for photography led me to try out things at home. Usually they were failures, but the point of experimenting is to get the bad stuff behind you and learn what works.

My photo teacher thought that this photo was amateurish and didn’t like it much. Maybe, but I still like it eleven years on. I set up the camera in front of this triangle of light on the balcony wall and asked the missus to hold her hand in front of the camera. Then I held my hand so that its shadow fell across her hand. Hours of fun.

I’m not sure what this second photo is about. I titled it “Tomato Awaits its Fate” back in 2007, which is an admittedly dumb title. I might have been experimenting with lines and points at the time and came up with this. It’s not a great photo, but I think I kept it t remind me that I should keep trying new things. Especially important these days when I seem to keep going to the same locations over and over.

7 thoughts on “From the Archive: Experiments

  1. Marcus – I rather like both of them and feel you should continue exploring along such lines. I’d ignore what people say and just go from your own point of view – people will criticise anything given half the chance. “Amateurish” is such a hopeless criticism as to be not worth the breath – what does she mean by that?
    Borrocks to them (as they say in Japan)


    1. Maybe he meant it’s been done before by every person learning photography. Anyway, I’m an amateur because I do photography for pleasure, not for money.
      To be fair, a student in my class once asked the teacher if she should delete the photos he didn’t think were that good. He said, “Absolutely not. What if I’m wrong?”


      1. Yes, if it had all been done before then there would be no point in picking up a camera.
        I was out today making some amateurish photos with the FM3a. Hours of fun! Well, about twenty minutes, actually. I was finishing off a roll of film.


  2. Ugh. How amateurish indeed! I
    know it probably wasn’t said as s compliment but I’d be quietly smiling to myself if I heard that about one of my photographs. It has light&form and a sense of being creative. What’s not to like?


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