The organising of my photo archive continues, and I’ve recently finished the 2009 folders. These two photos are similar in composition so I’m posting them at the same time.

Anmok, 2009.

This fellow paused in his walk along the river to stand on a hill and watch the river mouth.

Near Hapyeong Fields, Gangneung, 2009.

I’m not sure three pine trees constitute a copse or a bluff, but some years ago the city planted a number of these near the seaside where most of the tourists come.

I’m ready to start going through my 2010 folders, but the first folder contains hundreds of pictures I made at an English camp for children. It’s going to take hours . . . .

8 thoughts on “From the Archive: Standing Tall

  1. Be strong – you’ll get there.
    I like the first one, because the proportions look all wrong – for some reason he looks enormous, and for another reason, he looks like the Jolly Green Giant in his pose.


    1. Ho, ho ho.
      I’ve gotten to September in 2010. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of photos of student events at the university. Also, I seem to have started taking a lot of photographs in 2010 but didn’t learn how to delete anything. You can barely see the wheat for the chaff . . . .


    1. Thanks. I’m not sure I’ve improved much over the years, but I am making fewer bad ‘art’ photos, if you know what I mean. Unfortunately, in the early part of the decade I took a million unnecessary photos of people. Five photos of the same person doing the same thing, and so on.


  2. Just like hearing about my own archive, Marcus. When I got my first real digital camera I was all over the place taking a million pictures, and I ended up drowning in them. They got so plentiful in the end I could not see what was good and what was not so good, and in addition I was still hearing the voice of my father in the background rising his voice if one single original was destroyed or got lost. What I did not realize at the time was the quite obvious difference between negatives and digital files, and I never really did either. I just can’t get myself to delete one single image, and that’s one of the reasons I just had to stop taking them in the first place. I could go for a walk and end up with 1000 shots, and then do the same the next day and the day after that. I would never have the time to get on top of the situation, and just had to save them on a couple of hard drives and put them aside.
    And then I picked up my old Nikon FM2 cameras, bought some film and went on down that path with more time to look around for the best picture and less time used for worrying what to do with them.
    But that’s me.
    Managing large photo archives is a full time job, I have heard people saying. They may be right.


    1. I eventually gave up, put everything on a hard drive, and then put it away in a safe place. Everything on my current computer’s hard drive is from late 2019.
      If I was any good at film photography I might also just use a film camera.

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