I find some nice surprises while going through my archives. This photo is a favourite of mine, but I had forgotten about it. I was having dinner with a student in 2010 when I made this photo. The plant was sitting on the window sill next to our table and I took a moment to make a photograph of it.
By coincidence, I met the same student on Friday for dinner. She graduated quite a while ago and is a friend now. I wasn’t distracted by flower pots this time, but I was a bit distracted by a young couple in a coffee shop who were making photos of each other. They both had DSLRs, but the man also had an old film point and shoot camera and I was trying to see what brand it was. I never did find out, but . . . . Vivitar?

4 thoughts on “Window Plant

  1. Thanks very much. One of my students was using her parents’ old Samsung/Minolta point and shoot for a while but got tired of not being able to control anything. So a few days ago she got herself a Pentax ME Super. It’s spreading!


    1. An ME Super? Blimey haven’t handled one of those since the ’80’s!
      K1000 would be better for learning the process, but the ME was alright actually.


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