Central Market, Gangneung

Each shop and stall in Gangneung’s Central Market has a painted yellow line on the floor that vendors are supposed to keep their goods inside of. I guess no one from City Hall checks this, because many shops, especially at the ends of streets, use up as much space as they can.
The plastic tubs of this shop selling shoots and sprouts have engulfed a fire hydrant. The market’s safety code seems to be “Ah, It’ll be all right”.

6 thoughts on “Fire Hydrant Amongst the Waters

  1. Nice shot – good tight composition.

    SK markets seem very colourful places…not sure I’d fare very well there lol

    Interesting to see all the pots uncovered. I remember you mentioning similar in another post. I guess as long as the food is boiled hard or well fried it’s ok. Your system is probably attuned to it by now Marcus but did you have any ‘issues’ when you first arrived in SK?


    1. I don’t think I had any problems when I first came here, but I did get very violently ill once moving from one town to another. Some of my students told me the water wasn’t good in that town. That town also had open sewer lines at the time, so it’s no wonder I became ill.
      I think photographing the market in black and white might be an interesting challenge. It’s very dim there, so I think ISO 800 or 1600 would be a necessity. Even 3200, which is about as far as I want to take the ISO setting on the Fuji.


  2. They are quite right, Markus. Ahh… everything will be absolutely alright… until it suddenly isn’t.
    I really love this shot though. The colours and all the pots nicely tucked around the hydrant. A great find for sure.


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