This statue is in Wolhwa Park and I’ve attempted a number of times to photograph it but always been defeated by the messy surroundings. The city seems to be cleaning up the area now, but the little park with the giant gingko tree was surrounded by prefab shops (gone as of two weeks ago), an ugly green wire fence, and drunks. I finally hit upon the idea of using a short telephoto focal length to isolate some details.

8 thoughts on “Leap Frog

    1. I think it’s just distracting background outside the square. I set the camera to 1:1 so I don’t think I saw the photo in a regular 35mm frame. I focused on each figure separately and chose this one as the best.


  1. A very tight and by all standards nice composition and execution, Marcus. I like the depth in it and the beautiful isolation of each object creating the depth and some strange mystique.
    I’m quite curious about the surroundings though, and what’s going on in that area. The statue looks very nice at least.


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