Residential Propane Tanks, Gangneung

Rubber hoses feed the propane/butane from the two tanks through a selector valve through a steel pipe into what is most likely the kitchen of a house near downtown Gangneung.

This is the sort of setup that I feel nervous walking past, but, on the other hand, provides such an interesting photo opportunity.

7 thoughts on “Gas Tanks Outside House Window

  1. A very dodgy installation for sure. There’s quite a few of us over here (at least the ones of us working in the oil related business) thinking that the health and safety regulations has gone a bit head over heels these days. I mean companies are paying huge amount of money to have their since long grown up employees go away to courses learning how to correctly walk up and down stairs and things like that. Maybe a few of the folks bringing in ideas like this should have been forced to travel a bit and see what’s going on out there in the real world?
    Anyway, very well spotted and a great documentation as always 🙂


      1. 🙂 Yes… that’s what we thought as well, and then came along the Health and Safety gurus! You will never be able to foresee what will come next. Believe me!


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