Nadae River Stepping Stone Bridge
Anmok Beach

I have a little bit of a pileup in the ‘Website Photos’ folder on my desktop, so I was thinking of ways to upload more than one photo at a time without seeming too random. Ta-da! Things that begin with W! Oh ho ho . . .

I made the first photo because I thought the woman’s pink jacket would make a nice contrast with and spot of interest in a bare landscape. Korean winters are visually bleak because everything is dead and brown but there’s no snow to cover it up. And most people wear black or dark jackets. So the bright pink jacket of this lady was a welcome sight.

The second photo was a compose and wait situation. I filled most of the frame with this dark brown building (a public washroom. Another W!) and waited for something interesting to fill the bit of space on the left. I didn’t have a tripod with me so my arms got quite tired. I missed a cyclist passing by when I brought the camera down for a second to rest my arms and cursed about it, but I think this young woman in a long black jacket is better suited for the scene because she matches the building. The building looks like something out of a drab dystopian future that creates and releases drably-dressed humans into the landscape. Her shoes are a bit fancy, though, so that image doesn’t really hold up . . . .

10 thoughts on “Two Women Near Water

  1. Yeah that’s an amazing public toilet – wish we had stuff like this – of course over here, loitering outside a ‘Ladies’ with a camera would get you arrested.
    Love that stepping stone bridge – what do you do when the river is in spate? Nobody though that through, unles of course the river is never in spate . . . but all the same -you’ve got a potential series here!


    1. It occurred to me that I might get a bit of trouble making a photo with the women’s toilet in it, but figured I wasn’t close enough to be considered a pervert. When the river is high the gate is closed. It’s easy enough to go around, but maybe nobody’s dumb enough to do that.


      1. The stepping stone bridge is something the city put in to make the riverside paths and exercise places nicer. People can cross on the regular bridges across the river or a pedestrian bridge downtown. I’ve gotten a few decent photos of the bridge and maybe I could put them together for a post.
        I’m definitely not going to loiter near the bathrooms with a camera. The police have put up signs around the city saying that you can get busted for taking photos on the sly. Men taking upskirt and bathroom photos is a big problem in Korea.


  2. I really like the composition and the story in the last shot here. Brilliant work!
    And I must agree with Michael: There’s probably going to be a lot of things to do for the health and safety guys when they eventually find South Korea one day 🙂 We’ll make sure we send over a couple of the most eager ones some day just to stir up the tension a little bit 🙂
    Well it’s actually good to see that there still are places to be found without the hysteric approach to this that we got over here in Europe. So I hope you will enjoy your stepping stones for years yet!


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