This morning I imported the 109 posts I made over at Blogger. I was worried about how they would transfer, but everything came over nicely. The photos are all intact (though small) and even the comments carried over. If you are interested, you can go through some old posts by using the Archive menu to the right.

2 thoughts on “Blogger Posts Imported

  1. That’s impressive it worked so well. TBH I’m surprised Blogger is still going. Have they ever actually updated it in years? There’s one Blog I’ve been reading since 2002 that still looks the same… looks like the blog equivalent of a geocitites page. I’m sure one day Google will pull the plug and there will be a bit of an uproar from people who feel like Google are coming round their house and setting fire to their diaries. Still, it’s good to see that migrating is a lot less painless than I thought it would be.


    1. I noticed a button on the Blogger dashboard that said, “Try out the new Blogger”. I didn’t click because I was worried about not being able to find the export option again. So maybe they aren’t ready to get rid of Blogger yet? Anyway, if they do, transferring to another website is painless.


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