I finally took the time to go through my photo collection and make my first portfolio for this website. All the photos have something to do with transport. From a pool of about 50 photographs I made a final selection of 27 pictures for the gallery. Some were cut because I didn’t think they were strong images, and a few were cut because I didn’t think they fit the rest of the photos well enough.

You can see the portfolio from the menu at the top of the page, or by going to https://marcuspeddle.net/transport/.

I hope you enjoy this first portfolio and I welcome your comments.

6 thoughts on “First Portfolio

  1. These are a really strong set of images Marcus. I think there is also a gritty, urban and graphical theme running through them, which is something I really like a lot. I think that’s why the horse sticks out a bit to me. It’s a great shot, is certainly transport, but looks like the odd one IMO. But these all work so well as a set together.


    1. Thanks very much for having a look. I was a bit hesitant to include the horse for the reasons you mention. Also the photo with the tyre tracks ending at the field. I wanted to ‘throw’ things a little bit, but I’m not sure I succeeded. I’ll leave the horse in for the time being, but I might remove it later. If I can do so without screwing up the gallery . . . .


  2. Yep – have to agree – some very strong images there Marcus – some of which would make cracking postcards – you’ve done well to narrow things down.If you had a small printer and printed 6×4″ prints you could handle them, pin them up somewhere and come at arranging things from the old fashioned way (pre screens) – tactility helps.
    Anyway, well done – looking forward to more.


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