Some years ago the city turned one downtown side street into Culture Street, and required businesses there to give up their garish neon building signs and put up simple round ones. The city put in new brick sidewalks and lamp posts. They also renovated an old police station and turned it into a small cultural centre. On the outside of the building they put this bright red ladybird. It’s quite a cheery thing to see when you walk down the street.

9 thoughts on “Ladybird

  1. Love that Marcus – sorry for being remiss in commenting – stuff on!
    That ladybird could be nothing other than Asian!



  2. A Cultural Centre…at least the City Council is thinking. Where I live the culture is more embedded, hidden even…non-existent at times! Iโ€™m torn on this one – culture is everywhere if you can see, but maybe a focal point is a good thing.


    1. Cultural centres are great, and there are quite a few in the city where you can learn things for nothing or next to nothing. Sadly, Culture Street has failed. There are cars always parked up on the nice sidewalks and the garish advertising and shop signs have crept back into the windows.


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