The fronts of buildings often get makeovers to please tourists or attract customers, but the spaces and alleys between buildings are neglected forever. Unless a restaurant or coffee shop somewhere down the alley gets noticed on social media and becomes famous . . .

Bicycle Parked Under Electrical Meters, Gangneung.

All four sides of the Homeplus/CGV building downtown are nice and neat with hedges, tile paving, benches (if you don’t mind smokers), and lampposts.

Homeplus Lamppost, Gangneung.

I think this is where I’m supposed to say something insightful about the modern urban landscape. But nope, I’m just an ignoramus with a camera.

Keep on snappin’ away!

8 thoughts on “Downtown Gangneung

  1. Jeez, that first pic looks like an accident waiting to happen! I imagine you don’t hear the phrase over there that is often made by some people in the UK who feel their right to kill themselves is being oppressed: “It’s Health & Safety gone mad”

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  2. Great shots. Easy to walk past those…not always easy to see the shot. Well done.

    You’ve mentioned the smokers a lot, so I guess this is a common sight. Do they dispose of their butts properly? Over here not that many people smoke in the street any more – but too often those that do just throw their butts on the ground. Almost no-one gets fined (even though it is an offence). Not enough officials (maybe that’s a good thing) and even if they were pulled up on it, they’d probably give the official such a mouthful that they would regret ever saying anything.


  3. The only thing I can think of to say about that top picture is that it’s like stabbing a marine engineers heart… I keep on thinking that cables should be neatly laid up to make it at least look like we know what we’re doing, and to show a tiny bit of pride in your craft and such. Apparently it’s not so everywhere. This street is not alone though, as they got very much comparative works done a lot of other places as well 🙂
    I’ve seen some really brilliant examples in Trinidad and Brazil and a few other countries as well.
    Anyway, luckily the electric power finds it’s way through the cables usually, but I would think they might have some issues with earth failures during the wet periods of the year. I would not park my bicycle beneath that “installation” on a very wet day, to put it that way.


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