One of the walks I like to take near my apartment brings me to the riverside. There’s almost no water in the river during the dry winter months, but there is never a shortage of vehicles parked next to it.

Namdae River Parking Lot, Gangneung.

The car in the foreground is quite an old model, but the driver must take good care of it because there are no rust spots that I can see. The digger on the flatbed truck isn’t tied down in any way. Maybe it’s not required by law. In the weeks before the start of the Olympics I remember seeing a group of foreign engineers walking past a similar truck and being shocked that the digger in the back wasn’t secured.
On the other side of the river there is a shrine dedicated to, if I remember correctly, a local goddess, though I can’t remember who or what she is the goddess of. I should walk over there some day and see if there is anything worth photographing.

Namdae River Parking Lot, Gangneung.

I think the slang term for this sort of vehicle is ‘honey truck’. When I lived in a house, one of these would come around twice a year to clean out the septic tank. I remember the guy who did the work was quite jolly. Well, he probably makes a fortune doing the work no one else wants to.

Hillstate Apartments, Gangneung.

On the way home I made this photo because I liked the clouds above the apartments. These buildings were completed about one year ago, replacing fields. They look like something you would build out of a basic Lego set.

5 thoughts on “A Walk

  1. Interesting shots, all of them.

    The apartment blocks don’t look too bad – at least they’ve tried to make them look interesting from a distance, with that orange&white stripe design.

    The guy that empties our septic tank every year seems reasonably content, too. I doubt he’s getting paid a fortune, mind you, but I guess there is some lift from the basic council salary for doing the job. I noticed he speaks very nasally, like his nose/airways are continually blocked. Perhaps he’s a good fit for the job.

    Honey Truck is hilarious. Someone had a wry sense of humour.


  2. One thing is for sure though, the guy driving the Honey Truck would have gone flippin’ mad if he was forced to work over here where he would have to secure his hose in a rather different matter than he is used to from back home 🙂


      1. At least I would say so, yes… not that it matters really, but someone would quite certain have said something about it over here. It really makes a good snap though 🙂


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