Hanging Light in Restaurant, Gangneung.

I was at Central Pork Cutlet with a friend and while she was ordering at the counter I had a look around the restaurant. A lot of old buildings, shops, and houses in the downtown area are being renovated and turned into rather cosy coffee shops and other businesses. This place painted over the bare concrete walls and left the pipes showing in the ceiling. I liked the hanging light and wanted to make this photo of it, but all I had on the camera was a wide-ish lens so I had to crop heavily in Lightroom. That’s fine for sharing on a website, but I’ll remember to bring a different lens the next time I visit the restaurant.

9 thoughts on “Hanging Light

  1. That’s a good spot, Marcus – funny shot. And…”Central Pork Cutlet” – is that really the name of the eaterie? Doesn’t leave much to the imagination, does it?!


    1. Central Pork Cutlet is a direct translation of the Korean name. It’s all they serve. I think the ‘central’ part of the name comes from being right next to Gangneung’s Central Market. It’s really good pork cutlet, by the way. Possibly the best in the city.


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