Fried Chicken Hawkers, Central Market

I recorded fried chicken shops trying to attract customers while I was waiting for my fried chicken to be cooked at the market today. The women in the yellow uniforms work for the shop I always go to. The young man in the pink uniform is from a competing shop next door. They call out things like, “Come here. We have delicious chicken. One serving twenty-thousand Won.” They are at this all day long.

It’s not that interesting a video, but I thought I would use it to figure out how to add video to my posts. The easiest way seems to be to upload it to YouTube and just link to WordPress. iMovie can upload directly to YouTube for you when you’ve finished editing. Very convenient.

This video was recorded on my iPhone and then Air Dropped to my iMac and edited in iMovie. Aye, aye, aye. . . .

6 thoughts on “And Now For Something Slightly Different

  1. As someone from a completely different culture, I genuinely find this very interesting. Good quality too. More videos please!

    I noticed quite a few face masks, but I know it’s quite common for Asian people to wear them when they have colds. Are you seeing more people than usual wearing them?


    1. I’m glad it interested you. Maybe people would like to see Korea as it appears in reality and not in K-Pop videos. I should try to find some places where things are going on and I won’t feel uncomfortable making videos. I think the iPhone would be better than a proper camera for places where there are lots of people. Everyone has their phones out anyway and I won’t attract attention.
      I didn’t think more people are wearing masks these days, but yesterday I was out with a friend and she mentioned that we were the only ones not wearing masks. So perhaps I’m wrong. I don’t like wearing those masks because I find it hard to breathe and my glasses keep steaming up.


    1. He seems a bit tired, doesn’t he? Sometimes when the women say, “Come in here!” he’ll just say, “No, no, here . . .” I wondered if they ever got into fights over customers, but they shared a hamburger at one point so I guess they get along.
      The city is turning the market area into a tourist destination and lots of interesting food stalls are starting to pop up. Sometimes on the weekends the queue for a popular place can have thirty or more people in it.


  2. There’s a guy at the end with the flattest face I have ever seen – could easily be from a Genghis Horde!
    interesting though – over here, you could well be spoken to about filming in public.
    As for masks, well seeing as a point of easy entry for a virus is through the tear ducts ,. ,. . . . stick with your steamed-up glasses!

    Found this really interesting.


    1. The Koreans come from the Mongolia area originally.
      I suppose I could (and have been) reported for filming/photographing near residential or police/military areas, but everyone and their dogs are taking pictures and doing video all the time, especially in tourist areas like this one.


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