Here are a few more photos from a tourist area in Gangneung. As I mentioned in my last post, I probably won’t be going back there for a while, but, honestly, if you go on a weekday it’s probably as safe as anywhere else because there are few people around.

Lamp Post and Bench, Anmok Beach.

A young woman with a compact camera and a tripod went down over the edge of the sand to the water’s edge to make photos of herself. As she walked across the sand she kept looking back at me. Maybe I looked dodgy with my big DSLR, but I wasn’t pointing it at her and I was mostly watching the cloud puff moving across the sky into a good position.

Information and Warnings, Anmok Beach.

Here’s another photo with good composition but nothing to say.

Coffee Bean Statue, Anmok Beach.

I posted a photograph of the top two beans some time ago and someone asked to see the whole statue. Here is it. The technique is interesting, but the statue is ugly. Still, it’s a selfie hot spot. The buildings in the background have raw fish restaurants and coffee shops in them. I don’t go there.

9 thoughts on “Anmok Beach

  1. yep – it’s pretty much everywhere now too, but best to avoid where possible.

    As for that sculpture, jings, that’s one carbuncle!


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