Hoesan Village in Winter

Each apartment in my complex has two views. Some apartments have a view of an apartment building in the same complex and a view of the apartment complex across the road. Some apartments have a view of a neighbouring apartment building and a view of a scene similar to the one above. The units in my location of the complex are the only ones where you can’t see any other apartment buildings (unles you stick your head out the window and look hard left or right). We have the view above, and we have a view of a dale and hills. We can only hope it’s not all bulldozed and replaced with coffee shops and convenience stores.

7 thoughts on “View From the Kitchen Window

  1. I really hope they leave it alone and forget about the bulldozers in all foreseeable future, Marcus! It’s a nice view with trees and everything. I can’t see many trees from my apartment, but I see a lot of stone and sea… and boats and a few cars every now and then. And I can both see and more or less feel the weather at times when the wind and the rain really picks up, which it does needless to say 🙂


  2. You should do a sequence from the same spot across different weathers, times and seasons – would make interesting viewing.
    Fortunately they can’t bulldoze us as we’re in a Conservation Area!


    1. Yes, the trees are starting to blossom, so I should make some photos of that view as well. The hills and dale are in a ‘green zone’, but that hasn’t stopped developers before. Still, it’s hard to build on, so we might be safe.


    1. Yes. I visited the very expensive apartment of an adult student once and it was a beautiful home, but all you could see out both windowed sides of the flat were other apartment buildings. Very claustrophobic.


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