Bas-relief of rabbits pounding rice for rice cakes, Hoesan Mill

Across the road from my apartment complex is a mill that makes rice cakes. Above the door is this carving of two rabbits pounding rice into rice flour to make the traditional snack. Why rabbits? Westerners see a man in the moon, but East Asians see a rabbit using a pestle and mortar. In China the rabbit is making an elexir of life, but in Korea and Japan the rabbit is making flour for rice cakes.

7 thoughts on “The Man in the Moon is . . . a Rabbit.

  1. I’m not going to start a discussion about what we see in the moon in the different parts of the world here, but I’m rather surprised to learn this to me completely new wisdom at the age of 53 or somewhere in that region.
    Of course I’m also more than only a little bit surprised by the fact that when it obviously is so that we see different things, there are actually millions of people having been mislead to believe that what they see are two rabbits, a mortar and rice flour.
    Very impressive indeed! :))


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