Traditional Tile Roof House and Modern Apartment Buildings

The idyllic tile roof house and its trees are disturbed by the dual intrusions of goliath architecture and the cutting up of the sky by wires.

4 thoughts on “Old and New Homes

    1. That apartment complex is uglier than most. And the buildings are poorly aligned so the view is mostly a building identical to the one you live in. They are supposed to be premium apartments, but they obviously didn’t spend much money in layout.


  1. Wow – I like it. Striking contrast between the old and the new. I know where I’d rather be living! But then again, looking out at those giant monsters of concrete would be quite worrisome.

    So is the old house 101?


    1. Thanks very much. The old house looks cosy, but it’s probably half falling apart.
      Apartment buildings in a complex are generally numbered 101, 102, 103, and so on. Why not just 1,2,3? In big cities you can get several complexes with the same name next to each other, so the second complex is 201, 202, 203, the third complex is 301, and so on. You would think someone would apply a bit of creativity to aparment compex names, but a company like Hyundai has hundreds of apartment complexes all over the country and they are all named “Hyundai Apartments”. Differentiated only by an administrative district name in front of ‘Hyundai’.


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