Fishing Boat

Fishing Boat Tied Up at Floating Wharf, Gangmun.

There might be a proper name for what I’ve called a floating wharf. The boat’s name is Dream. If you can afford to stay in the hotel in the background, you’re probably living the dream.

6 thoughts on “Fishing Boat”

    1. The building in the foreground is a convention centre attached to the tall hotel, so there are some commercial travellers, but this is a tourist area and hotels big and small have been popping up ever since it was announced the 2018 Olympics would be in Gangneung/Pyeongchang.


    1. Thanks. One of the advantages of using a smaller format like APS-C is that you can get everything in focus if you want. On the other hand, if you’re one of those people who like very shallow depths of field for portraits then you’re out of luck.

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