Parking Lot, Gangmun.

This photograph would have been black and white even if I had used a colour setting. Most vehicles in Korea are black, white, or silver.
The KT&G mark on the back of the chair means “Korea Tobacco and Ginseng”. Oh, sorry, the company changed its name to “Korea Tomorrow and Global” Corporation. It used to be a government-owned company, but was privatised when the government realised they probably shouldn’t run anti-smoking ads on television and sell tobacco at the same time.

8 thoughts on “Chair and Cars

  1. Nice juxtaposition in his photo.

    I read that South Korea has one of the highest smoking rates for men and the lowest for women, Interesting.

    It was 2007 that they banned smoking in pubs etc in the UK. I can even remember when you were allowed to smoke on planes and the London Underground, which just seems insane now.


    1. Thanks. I think the female smoking rate is probably higher than research shows. They are more secretive about it than men, who will smoke anytime, anywhere. No Smoking signs are a favourite congregating spot. I wish I was joking . . . .
      I have vague memories of the back of a plane being a smoking section, but maybe I’ve just seen that in films?


  2. Morning – I like this as well. As for smoking, strangely, even though I don’t I kind of miss the whiff of a fag on the morning breeze . . . .


    1. Merci. I need all the points I can get. I was sitting in front of a convenience store having a tin of milky coffee when I suddenly noticed the cars and the chair. Maybe the contrast between the cheap white chair and the expensive black cars caught my eye.


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