These two photos are not going into my Print Queue, but I thought they might be of interest to people who don’t live here.

Van Driving Through Market Area, Gangneung.

This may actually be Seongnam Market, not Central Market. The two are right next to each other and don’t have any dividing line that I can see. Seongnam Market has more seafood than Central Market and I don’t walk through that area if I can avoid it. The overhangs were installed during the second-last market makeover, when the city (or market managers) put glass roofs over the narrow streets inside the market area.
The shops along this street sell everything from pots to tofu to curtains. A few years ago the city government put sidewalks along the sides of the streets, but shops quickly took them over as extra display space and any empty spots get taken over by people parking their vehicles.

Sidwalk Vendors, Central Market.

This road is at the edge of the market and Gangneung downtown. Early in the morning large numbers of vendors, including these sidewalk squatters, will show up to sell things. Some come in pickup trucks to sell things like chillies wholesale and retail, while others show up with a few vegetables wrapped in a cloth that serves as their display. Most of these vendors are gone by 8:30 or so.
When I first came to Gangneung the high street sidewalks were crowded with older women selling things like the people pictured here. It was a bit of a chore to get around because the sidewalks are quite narrow, even today. The city wanted to get rid of them, but settled on moving them to middle of the narrow streets of Central Market, where they are still a chore to get around.

4 thoughts on “Central Market

  1. Interesting shots, Marcus – thanks for posting them. The sidewalk vendors are probably a dying breed so keep snapping ’em up – once the city becomes (or thinks it should become) gentrified then they’ll be gone.


    1. Thanks. Although the sidewalk vendors are a good photo opportunity, I would rather that they have pensions and retire at their age. Sadly, Korea’s pension plan doesn’t benefit anyone who was born before it came into existence.


      1. Wow…that’s harsh. No wonder they have to peddle their wares on the side of the streets. I remember when the State Pension came in here (well, I don’t personally remember, but my mother does) and a lot of older people (including my grandfather) had difficulty proving their age. Many public records (births, deaths, marriages etc) were lost in 1922 when the IRA blew up the Post Office in Dublin.


      2. Yes, it’s very sad. Every day there are bloody fighter jets flying over the city. If they cut those flights even just in half there would be lots of money for more social welfare.


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