I use film now and then when the urge strikes me, and a couple of weeks ago I had enough exposed film in the fridge to justify the cost of postage to the lab in Seoul. Two rolls of colour negative film, one roll of colour slide film, and two rolls of black and white negative film. I’ll be sharing the better results here over the next couple of weeks. Except for the slide film, which was a disaster. My own fault, of course.
Fujifilm describes FUJICOLOR 200 (always in capitals for some reason) as fine grained, but the grain doesn’t seem especially small or pleasant to me. Maybe it’s the scans. Or maybe it’s relative to other films. Also, on a 4×6 print the grain is probably nearly invisible and most people probably don’t use this film to make large prints. Whatever the case, here are a few photos that probably won’t get printed but that you might enjoy looking at.

Sausage-roll Fingers

First up is the obligatory self-portrait in the mirror to remember what camera the film went through. Something I forgot to do on the other three rolls I used . . . . In case the writing is difficult to see because of the reflection, it’s a Nikon F80 I’m using. The lens is the 28-80mm lens that came with some Nikon film cameras in the past.

Tractor and Fertiliser

I think the fertiliser is some sort of manure, but I didn’t get close to have a look.

Farmer’s Shed

Shipping containers get cut up and used for many kinds of sheds, security offices, and other shelters that need to be cheap and strong. Soul-crushing grey seems to be the favourite colour. Actually, are containers cheap? I have no idea how much a shipping container costs.

Unused House

A wide angle makes this old house look even droopier and sadder than it is.

Moving in/out
View from 3rd floor hallway

I’ve done several versions of this photo on various cameras. I’ll get it right someday . . . .


I’ll end with a photo of my cat, because a photo of a cat is the best way to end any blog post.

I like the tones and colours of film, but don’t care much for the hassle and expense. I’ll stick to digital for the most part, but it’s nice to have the option of taking out a film camera now and then and making some photos.

6 thoughts on “FUJICOLOR C200

  1. Y’know, I know what you mean. I developed my own Fuji C200 and it is OK, more of a consumer film methinks and whilst some photos have been OK, mostly its a case of gargh! Same with Kodak Color Plus – ok, but not ragingly good. Digital colour is easier, but certain tones you’ll get with colour film that you won’t find with digital.
    It’s all very interesting


    1. I agree that some film tones can’t be reproduced in digital. I’ve tried film presets from several different companies, but the results don’t seem to be consistent. And they are often a bit overboard with the colours, grain, and so on. Fujifilm’s film simulations are consistent and high quality. I find that the Provia setting looks like slide film and the Classic Chrome looks like negative film. The Across simulations is good as well, but it’s not film. But that’s okay. If I want a true film look I can just buy some film.


  2. Fujicolor 200 is my go-to color film. It used to be my go-to film period before I started developing my own b/w. This is what I think color film *should* look like.


  3. I don’t see much grain on these at all, and the colours are very pleasing I think.

    Saying that, I find the scans from your run of the mill high street labs can be really terrible. Their auto-scan software often applies crazy over the top sharpening that turns subtly pleasing grain into massive nasty-looking grain. But these look lovely to me.


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