I don’t know what camera I used this film in, but probably the F6. I say this because the focus is good and I’m positive I didn’t have this film in the F80.

Gateball Tent, Namdae Riverside.

Older people in Korea like to play a game called gateball. It was invented by the Japanese, who wanted to play crouquet but didn’t have the land for it. So they made a similar game to play in a small enclosed area. Senior citizens have been playing this game before and since I came to Gangneung, and a couple of years ago the city must have given them a lot of money to build nice pitches (courts? fields?) and even enclosed a few of them for rainy day games. I’m not interested in playing, but it looks like a pleasant, non-strenuous way to pass a day with friends.

Old House, Hoesan.

This house is in my neighbourhood. Although it’s made of unpainted breeze blocks, it looks well-maintained and someone might still be living in it. I think I will go back and do this photo again because I’m not happy with the tree being right in the middle of the frame.

Gate to Inner Courtyard, Heo Estate.

The remaining photos in this post were made at the Heo Estate, one of my favourite photographic haunts. There’s a lot to photograph, there aren’t many people, and it’s free to enter. The room you see through the gate is the kitchen.

Wall and Doors

I’ve seen doors/windows held open like this before, but traditionally the house owner would use thin rope rather than wire.

Clay Pots

Another photo I want to do over. I was twisted and bent over trying to get this composition. I could crop it, but I’d rather go back and get it right in the camera.


This is my favourite photo from the roll. There’s something neat and calm about it. This scene needs to be in black and white because the plastic wheelbarrow is an awful, faded green.

Footprints and Trough

I don’t know what the concrete trough is for. It seems too small and low to water horses. Maybe it gets filled with water and lilies or something are put in there.

No cat photo this time. The footprint and trough photo was the last frame on the roll.

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