Fujifilm X-T3, XF27mmF2.8,

As I have mentioned before, Amice likes to look around the hallway in our building. He looks out the low window, looks up longingly at the high window he can’t jump up to, sniffs the neighbour’s bicycles and strollers, and checks now and then to make sure that I’m still nearby in case something happens. Sometimes the sound of the elevator starting will startle him into running back to the apartment. Usually he just gets bored after a while and strolls back inside. Then he takes a nap to recover from his adventure.

2 thoughts on “Amice returning to apartment

  1. I like this Marcus – most non-obvious cat pic I have seen in a long time – you should try and find the book Classic Cats by Great Photographers – been out of print a while, but well worth finding.
    How about a long considered Amice series?


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