I enjoy looking at the photos people around the world take on their walks, so I thought I would contribute to global understanding(?) by posting some photos I made on a walk today. I walked to work about 8:30 in the morning and then home around 11:30 or so.

I go over a hill to get to the university and this is the view from the top of the hill. That’s quite a nice tree.

Private student housing. I’m not sure what it’s like in other countries, but in Canada people who lived off-campus at my university took rooms here and there around the city. In Korea, whole towns spring up around campuses with nothing in them but bachelor flats, restaurants and bars, and other services students might need like laundromats. Not for Korean students a long walk to school.

The groundskeepers at the university pull carts like this one around to collect garbage.

The sign in the lower right says No Fire No Smoking because there is a huge propane tank inside the fence. I don’t know what the safe distance between a cigarette and a propane tank is, but this smoker doesn’t seem far enough away.

My desk. Textbooks, several figurines of buddhas, a usb chargeable hand fan (gift from a thoughtful student), and a tin of sweet and milky coffee. “Coffee as sweet as falling in first love – always Let’s be together.” Weird, but tasty.

On the way to the co-op after leaving school. The shed is new, I think.

House across the Namdae River.

Field of newly planted green onions.

I hope you enjoyed the views from Gangneung. Maybe I’ll keep doing these. Even if it’s not art, it’ll at least be practice.

Fujifilm X-T3, XF35mmF1.4 R

6 thoughts on “Out and About: April 28

  1. These are very interesting for me to see. More of this please! Is this the Acros film simulation? Looks like you used a red filter setting, looking at the skies. I always use an orange filter (film) or red filter (X100F) if I’m shooting blue skies. I like that look.


    1. It’s the Acros simulation, but I forgot to use the red filter version for the photo with the large block of sky. It was a lot of empty space even with the wires, so I applied a graduated filter in Lightroom.
      I’m glad you like the pictures. I didn’t get anything I liked today, so I posted some photos I made a week or so ago.


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