Sometimes I take the indirect route to school that goes past an industrial area, then some fields, and then a neighbourhood of student housing behind the campus. The direct route to my office takes about fifteen minutes on foot and this scenic(?) route takes about forty minutes or so, depending on how many times I stop to photograph something.

There are many things to photograph on this route, from hillside tombs to a cattle shed, to an import car repair centre, to barley fields, to a dead sabre-tooth deer I found on the side of the road one day. It’s an interesting route to school, but not really a pretty one.

This container is a new addition to the scenery. Both ends of the container were tied to thin trees by yellow straps. Were these straps meant to stop the container from tipping over or from sliding down the bit of hill? I stared and stared, but couldn’t figure it out.

These white twigs stood out quite nicely against the new spring growth, which is probably why I was able to notice them while going by on bicycle.

Neat and tidy are not words that often apply to farms. Notice that the whole field has been covered in thin plastic to prevent weeds from growing. In the background is what used to be the fine arts building at my university, until the university decided that the humanities are unprofitable and got rid of every department that doesn’t teach some sort of tangible skill. Turning it into a four year trade school, really.

This photo was made on the way home later in the day. I passed this place on the way to the co-op. It’s called Two Men’s Gangneung Story, and on the sign it says “Seafood & Drinks. Natural House”. It’s a nice change from the grey concrete buildings pubs are usually in, and I like the many colours on the grounds. I don’t like seafood or drinks so it’s unlikely I will ever step foot inside.

All photos were made with the Fujifilm X-T3 and XF27mmF2.8 pancake lens. I used the Classic Chrome simulation with a bit of added vibrance and contrast where needed.

6 thoughts on “The long way to school

  1. GoGo scenic route – looks really interesting – It would take me an hour and a half ‘;0)


  2. Very good, Marcus. I like the look of that ‘Seafood and Drinks’ place – it looks like someone’s house they just decided to open to the public.

    Your comment about your University closing down Humanities makes me so mad. They’re doing that too here in the UK – our Boss stood up in public about 15 years ago and swore he would never close the Philosophy Department. Two years later he did precisely that. I think English has gone now too. It will have major consequences for future generations, I fear – producing very one-dimensional graduates. The solution is obvious – make every student take some humanities courses and suddenly these ‘non-profit-making’ (eh?) departments can balance their books. Rant over. (Perhaps you’d be better not responding, Marcus – these days I’m sure there are teams of people scouring social media to find employees bringing their companies into disrepute).


    1. Fire me, please. 🙂 The university-we-do-not-name replaced all the Humanities departments with a Department of General Studies. My English conversation classes are in that department, as well as general history and culture classes. Basic computer programming classes as well, for some reason. A bit of philosophy, poetry, and so on. Then there are classes like ‘The Speeches of Steve Jobs’ (An English class? A business class?) and “History Through Films”. The history though film class used to be in a classroom next to mine, and it seemed like all they did was watch films. I never heard the guy speak. Maybe it’s an easy credit class the students like.


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