4 thoughts on “Geumsan Village

  1. I’d like to see these explored in greater depth and in B&W – get right into it – it’s an interesting subject.


  2. Love the ladder! I have some old wooden ladders but they are in much better shape than this one…not sure I’d be risking life and limb on that one.

    So rice fields need a lot of water, correct? And SK is a pretty hot country, I’m guessing, without that much rain…so How do they do it? Do they have massive water storage facilities which are filled when it rains?


    1. The ladder doesn’t look like it gets much use. But who knows.
      There is a big rainy season just before the hot weather begins and it rains as well during the spring. So there is usually lots of water to keep the irrigation channels and the fields full. And if that fails there are reservoirs.


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