Anmok, Early Morning

Pay phone, just after dawn.
A restaurant serving very tall and unwieldy hamburgers
Ocean Sounds Grilled Clams
Cloud Solo
Coffee Shops Ad Nauseum
DIY Cargo Holder
The High Road Out of Anmok
A Bit of Good Timing and Luck

8 thoughts on “Anmok, Early Morning”

  1. I like these Marcus – nice to see a foreign phone booth thingy! The light is lovely and definitely is something you should explore more.


    1. Thanks. I was trying variations on the phone when I noticed something coming from behind me. I made my composition and waited for it to enter the frame and complete the photo. I thought it was a bicycle until it appeared in the window. If it was a bicycle, it probably would have been cut by the window frame. The unicycle fits perfectly!


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