7 thoughts on “Buses

    1. Thanks. It was the vivid setting on the X-T3.
      It’s compulsory to wear masks in some places. Last Tuesday the government said everyone now has to wear masks in taxis, buses, and subways.


  1. We’re soon to be the same methinks. I could tell those were Fuji photos before I saw the tag . . .


  2. You forgot to mention the ‘guy with camera reflected in bus stop screen’ 😉 Nice shots, Marcus – the last two as a set are quite funny…perhaps it was a long bus ride.


    1. Haha. There I am! Not sure I noticed myself. If you look more closely, you can see the driver was staring at me the whole time I was making photos. I didn’t notice that until I got home, thankfully. I probably would have scurried off if I had noticed at the time.


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