10 thoughts on “A Couple from Downtown

    1. It’s open from 5pm to 11pm. Last orders at 10pm. Lots of restaurants have these hours. Fried chicken restaurants, some pizza places, and grilled meat restaurants hardly see any customers at lunch time so they don’t bother to open.


  1. I thought the same as Wolfgang. Nice mix of English and Korean on the sign. I’ve probably asked before, but do a lot of people understand English there? I know you speak Korean but for the rest of us…would we stand a chance?


    1. Most people can’t speak any English. They know things like ‘closed’ from school days, but probably couldn’t make a sentence using the word. But you can generally get around without any Korean, and some kind soul with a bit of English usually shows up to help out a lost looking foreigner. Also, there is a free translation service run by the government. You ring up a number and a translator will help you out. The number is always in taxis.
      I remember by first haircut in Korea. I didn’t speak a word of Korean and the barber didn’t speak a word of English. He pointed at the chair and I sat in it. I looked at him and he looked at me. I nodded. He nodded. Then he gave me a standard haircut. No problem!


      1. Ah…the universal language. I like it. Last time we were in Spain the ground staff at the airport couldn’t speak English but they all had mobiles with a translate app on it so we got by. Not sure that would help with Korean language though – I wouldn’t be able to pronounce the characters (but I guess I could show them). Not sure I’m planning any trip for a while though!


      2. Many translation applications will pronounce the words for you these days. I’m not sure how well, but you could always show the screen to the person you’re trying to talk to. Sometimes my students do their assignments using translation software. It’s easy to spot because what shows up on the page usually makes no sense.


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