10 thoughts on “Ferrania P30 Film

  1. It’s probably been overdeveloped – hard to stay on top of things like that with sending it out to a lab – any idea what developer they use?


  2. I also had very contrasty results. I always like to shoot contrasty scenes, so that combination was a bit much. However, looking at your photos, this film might be good for getting good contrast in lower contrast scenes.


  3. This film does like the blacks and the whites. I have my last roll of the Alpha version of this stuff in my Trip 35 right now. I developed it in Rodinal last time but will try HC-110 this time.


      1. I backed them too. I’ve given up on ever seeing that film. A lot of people are upset over it but I think this is just the risk you run when you back a Kickstarter.


  4. I ordered the 35mm and 120 film package. It was so long ago I had a medium format camera at the time . . . . If the film comes I’ll keep the 120 film as a knick-knack on my shelf and use the 35mm. Like yourself, I won’t be upset if it never comes through. It’s not like I invested thousands of Euros in the factory or anything.


  5. Another film I’ll have to try some day. I’ve a fridge full of Ilford film so it might be some time before I get to it. Looks like it might be good for our Irish weather (lots of dull overcast days).


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