One morning I decided to take the new electric No. 300 bus with all the grannies and head to the town of Jumunjin north of Gangneung. I brought only a small digital camera, a standard prime, and no tripod. To simplify things further still, I set the camera to black and white. It turned out there were a few times I wanted a wide angle lens, so I will carry one in my pocket next time. On this trip to the seaside I used my mobile phone when I needed a wider angle of view. I didn’t feel the need to have a telephoto with me.

Military Watchtower and Rocks.
Boulders Near the Shore
Son Rock. Women would come here to pray for a son.
Lighthouse on the Breakwater
Hillside Pension by the Sea
Fence on Lighthouse Hill
Coastal Road
This formerly run-down neighbourhood on Lighthouse Hill has painted all the alleys white and put up paintings depicting local scenes.
Roof of an abandoned(?) house on Lighthouse Hill.

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