8 thoughts on “Blue Gate With Street Number

    1. You’d be surprised at the rundown places some people live in. Some are poor, and some just can’t be arsed to put a bit of paint on anything.
      There’s probably another entrance to the house around the corner.


  1. I’ll forgive you the colour burst this time around – I don’t think this would work quite so well in B&W!

    You’d have to bring the wire cutters to get a look inside, I reckon.

    Is there much petty crime/theft in SK? Or is it like Japan, where you can (I’m reliably informed), leave your belongings lying around and no-one will touch them. Those days are long gone in Ireland – they’d have your phone on Gumtree or Ebay before you’d even realised you’d left it behind…


      1. Wow. That must be nice. A favourite saying of my mum’s is “Sure they’d steal the eye out of your head”…still makes me smile, like a lot of old sayings around these parts.


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