It’s Gangmun again, but this time I went with a film rangefinder and some black and white film. So, the same, but not. The Zeiss Ikon rangefinder is a lovely machine, but it doesn’t really suit my photographic style. I like very precise compositions and that’s difficult to do with a rangefinder. But I had a good time with it and the 50mm lens.

A speedboat used to give tourists thrills out on the water is pulled far up on the beach.
A crane looks for fish near a statue with ducks where tourists toss coins for good luck.
Part of the breakwaater at Gangmun.
Building for Holding Maritime Shaman Rites, Gangmun.

Until next time . . . .

Heo Estate (Again)

Anyone who looks at this website with any regularity is probably getting tired of the same three locations. So am I. I haven’t taken the camera out for about a week to do any photography and in a few days I’ll be out of photos to share here. Yesterday I read somewhere, “If it’s not fun anymore, don’t do it.” I’m not going to give up photography because it’s something that I really enjoy. But I need to think of new things to photograph and ways to travel to those new things. When you don’t have a vehicle, your options are limited. Maybe I just need time to look at the same old locations in new ways. Not picking up the camera for a while might be the way to do this.

Anyway, here are a few photos from the Heo Estate on Portra 400 film.

View from Inside the Gatehouse.
Sarangchae, the men’s quarters.
A small gate dividing sections of the compound.
Safety and Security
Part of the servants’ quarters (I think).