It’s Gangmun again, but this time I went with a film rangefinder and some black and white film. So, the same, but not. The Zeiss Ikon rangefinder is a lovely machine, but it doesn’t really suit my photographic style. I like very precise compositions and that’s difficult to do with a rangefinder. But I had a good time with it and the 50mm lens.

A speedboat used to give tourists thrills out on the water is pulled far up on the beach.
A crane looks for fish near a statue with ducks where tourists toss coins for good luck.
Part of the breakwaater at Gangmun.
Building for Holding Maritime Shaman Rites, Gangmun.

Until next time . . . .

5 thoughts on “Gangmun

  1. Would be good to see that camera with a less-contrasty film – wonderful quality lenses though . . .


  2. I like the second shot – the statue duck is pointing right at the crane, however you managed that 😉

    The Zeiss gets positive reviews. I was surprised by the prices they are commanding secondhand – not far off Leica territory.


    1. Thanks. It was partly luck and partly me walking back and forth and back and forth trying to get the composition I wanted.
      My Zeiss Ikon has lots of marks on the metal and rubs on the grippy parts of the body because I used it for such a long time. I was told by a secondhand shop some years ago that the big money comes from the camera looking good because collectors want them. To look at and not to use, I assume. I probably wouldn’t get much for mine here in Korea. I almost sold it the other day, actually. I’m cutting down my equipment to the essentials. I had the Zeiss Ikon on a list I sent to a shop but after picking it up and handling it for a while I write the shop and asked them to take it off the list. It’s too nice to part with. Anyway, the shop only wanted an FM2 and nothing else. I’m going to try and sell the rest myself.


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