I have a small collection of square black and white photographs I made of historical sites around Gangneung. I used the Fujifilm X-T3, but I sold that last week so it seems unlikely I’ll be adding any more photos to that portfolio. Therefore, I decided to choose my favourite photos and make a gallery on this website. I also made an album using the same photos over on Flickr. I recommend viewing the photos on Flickr because they are full quality over there.

Pavilion Roof and Tree, Gulsan Temple Site.

4 thoughts on “New Gallery

  1. That’s an interesting set – you know you should try a TLR – in your neck of the woods the likes of the Yashicamat 124G should be readily available. All you need is a Paterson tank, some chemicals and a way of scanning them and bingo – definitely worth a go given you seem to like squares.


    1. I’m going to stay away from buying anything new for a long while because I’ve just sold most of my equipment. I did have a quick look at some online places for Yashicas out of curiosity. I couldn’t see any at all. A few Rolleis, lots of Mamiyas, and so on. Maybe TLRs weren’t that popular here.


    1. Thanks, Gerald. I was wondering what happened to you. I haven’t been photographing much for the past month or so. Partly because of the weather and partly because of a slump. I hope you get to post something soon.


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