Creating portfolio pages is a hassle on WordPress even though there are a number of photography templates. Adding photos is time consuming and I am rarely happy with the layout. Making albums and browsing on Flickr, however, is easy. I can make an album in just a couple of minutes and the layout is automatic and pleasing.
I removed the portfolios from this website after comparing the two and made a new page with a simple listing all my Flickr albums. The new album list is here.

My newest portfolio is of things I see while walking around the streets of Korea. Have a look if you have some time.

Street Details

Wooden Pallet, Anmok.

7 thoughts on “Street Details

  1. Blogger isn’t great for using either at times – seems like since they created the idea all they want to do is leave it behind.
    Like the photo though – you get a lot of stuff left that would be uplifted over here.


  2. I like your portfolio on Flickr – some shots I hadn’t seen before. The black chicken was funny – I guess this was going to be someone’s dinner(?) but it looks like it’s just out by itself for a wander.

    Building Fixtures is another good one…that gas meter looks well unsafe.


    1. I can’t explain why that chicken was there. I ate one once at a restaurant. The skin, the meat, and the bones are all black. It tasted the same as a regular chicken. I didn’t mind the colour, but it was difficult to tell if it was cooked or not (you usually have to cook meat at the table yourself in Korean restaurants).


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