I went back to Gangmun with a roll of Kodak Ultramax 400 in my camera about a week after I visited the week before. I ordered the film because I read that it can handle very strong contrast, like you find on summer days. I needn’t have worried about the latitude of the film because I used it in the early morning when the light was good.

Fishing Boat Returning to Harbour

This isn’t a great photograph, but I mentioned last time that fishing boats used the harbour so I thought I would share a photo of one going about its business. The building in the background is a hotel convention centre.

Sashimi Restaurant Fish Tank

I imagine that later in the day these fish ended up on someone’s plate with leafy vegetables.


This thin building is probably a pension. It’s difficult to avoid wires when you’re photographing in urban areas, so I try to include them artfully in my compositions when I can.

Boarded Up Window

The side of an old building off the main street. If tourists can’t see it, then there’s no need to make it pretty. Which is great for photographers . . . .

Café Door

The Chinese character on this door, and the name of the café means ‘door’ (‘mun’). The cloth on the wooden door frame inside says, “House of Pyo, Door Open”. This coffee shop probably gets its name from Gangmun, which means ‘River Door’, or, more naturally, ‘River Gate’. Or even more naturally, even if it’s not a faithful translation, ‘River Mouth’.

I like the colours and tones from the Kodak Ultramax 400 film. And the price is good, too. A shame it’s a bit too grainy for enlargements. Still, should be fine up to 10×8, what? And grain doesn’t show up in prints like it does on a computer screen.

6 thoughts on “Kodak 400 at Gangmun

  1. You did a good job with the wire and the building – not always easy to work the wires into a shot in an interesting way, as you say. But the fish-tank shot – there’s a very creepy human-like face staring out at me on the right hand side – now I’ve seen it, it catches my eye every time.


    1. Oh, great. Now I’ve seen it and will never un-see it. 🙂
      Thanks for the compliment about the wire. Some time ago I decided there were too many of the things to shoot around so I should make them work for me.


      1. It’s Marty Feldman – quite a task considering he’s been dead for about 30 or so years.
        Nice colours – wouldn’t worry to much about enlargements and grain – it’s a photograph – 6×4 is just about right!


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