The summer weather was miserable. When it wasn’t hot enough to split rocks it was pissing down rain. I hadn’t been able to get out with the camera for a long time and my shutter finger was itching.
One day at the end of August the rain was not falling too heavily so I decided to go for a walk around the countryside just to get out of the apartment for a while. I naturally wanted to bring a camera, but I was tired of making photos of the same things over and over with the same results. With no car, changing my geographic location wasn’t much of an option, so I decided to change how I made the photos. I left my SLRs at home and brought my phone with me. I turned on the Hipstamatic application and went for my walk.

Concrete Irrigation Covers and Rice Fields
Italian Restaurant Closed for the Day
Shed Window and Dead Grass
Shovel Stuck in Ground Next to Rice Field
Fertiliser Bag in Rice Field
Weed-fillled Yard of an Abandoned House
House Brick Wall and Blue Concrete Fake Tiles
Shed with Door Hanging Off
Chillies in Garden Behind Shed
Wooden Pallets and Weeds

I wouldn’t use Hipstamatic for all my photography, but I do enjoy making photos with it sometimes. The wide angle, the odd colours, and the unpredictable nature of the results make for fun photo sessions. And it helped to get me out of my photographic slump by helping me see overly familiar surroundings in a new way.

4 thoughts on “Hip Hoesan

  1. Overly-familiar is difficult sometimes – you should have got out in the rain though.
    I think the colours look quite normal actually and it all works.


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