Hipstamatic iPhone App

4 thoughts on “A Cloud of Two Minds

  1. Huh. Call that a cloud? 😉

    Interesting composition, as usual in this place, Marcus. Did you compose in camera or crop and adjust afterwards? What was your thinking here, if you don’t mind me asking… Was it the ‘question mark’ cloud (or is that just me lol).


  2. I take the clouds I can get. 🙂
    Hipstamatic allows you to apply their filters over any photo you have in your phone, but I have it set so I use their program to make and save a jpg. The border added by the software ‘ruins’ the ability to crop. Or it’s proof that I didn’t, I guess. Which is what I like. Mostly because I can’t be arsed to adjust photographs on my phone.
    I can’t see a question mark. I think it’s just you. 🙂 What attracted me was the tension created by the two ‘heads’ going off in different directions. The photo is relaxing (blue sky, lovely cloud) and dynamic at the same time. I hope . . . .


    1. Thanks for the explanation re. the app and composition. You did good here. As much as I try to compose for print I’ll often crop a little in the darkroom. I try as much as possible to keep the print authentic to the format (35mm=2:3, 6×6=square, 4:5 etc) but I’ll relax that if need be.

      That’s the interesting thing about clouds – people ‘see’ different things. This shot works for me, anyway.


      1. I’m glad you like the photo. Maybe I could make a series à la Alfred Stieglitz’ Equivalents.
        I often trim a little bit when I need to level a photo (I need to bring my neck in for an alignment) and even 100% viewfinders aren’t completely accurate so sometimes a stray leaf tip or something needs to be cut away. I find that if I need to crop so much that the photo becomes a different format, then the picture usually ends up in the Failure Heap anyway.


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