4 thoughts on “What Next?

  1. I think he’s thinking:

    If I can lull him into a false sense of security, I can quickly get his leg before he realises


  2. He has lovely markings. Most of your shots of him are B&W – I don’t recall seeing his coat in its full glory before.

    You did well to capture him. I’ve tried a few times with our new cats (we have two now, for some reason…) but they don’t stay still long enough for an old guy with manual focus lenses to get them.


    1. It’s almost impossible to photograph the bugger even with fast autofocus. I got a very sharp photo of him with a Minolta X700 last week. One handed! He was in bright sunlight so the shutter speed must have been very fast. Not sure how I got the focus with a manual lens, though.
      I’m hoping that my digital camera will get an animal eye focus mode in an update. That would be great.


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