Breakwater Lighthouse and Clouds, Anmok Harbour
Lighthouse, Anmok Harbour.

This red lighthouse is a popular stop for tourists visiting Gangneung and Anmok Harbour. It’s no different than hundreds of other lighthouses of the same design around the coast, so I don’t see the attraction. Maybe people just like being out on the breakwater to enjoy the sea air.

4 thoughts on “Lighthouse

  1. Red things are always difficult to take on B&W film – they come out black and yucky. I usually end up sticking a red filter on the lens, which turns them almost white. I guess you can do that easily enough with a digital camera (or in software after the event)?

    Those ‘rocks’ look suspiciously man-made lol…


  2. You need to place concrete on Zone VI, so basically if your meter is telling you 1/60th at f8, increase the exposure by 1 stop, so 1/30th at f8 (or variations thereof). It works.


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