I decided to stop downtown yesterday on my way to the supermarket and practise a bit of photography. My goal was to make photos that didn’t require any adjustment after I pressed the shutter button. I was sure I could do this by selecting an appropriate film simulation for each scene, recording as JPG so that the Fujifilm X-T4’s processor would do its magic on the pictures, and by making sure that exposure and white balance were spot on. Here are the three photos I kept from my little walkaround.

Ashtray-garbage can and dustpan, Downtown Gangneung.
The Korean reads, “You fucking sons of bitches! Throw your garbage away properly! The author used a Chinese character to sign his name ‘Hoon’. I assume Hoon is a street cleaner.
Entrance to Wolhwa Market, Downtown Gangneung.
Entrance to Wolhwa Market, Downtown Gangneung.
Inside Bus 300, Gangneung.
On the way from downtown to Emart.

In case you’re curious, the film simulations I used are from top to bottom Negative Pro High, Velvia, and Acros. I confess that I reduced the exposure of the market photo by one third of a stop in Lightroom to make the colours a bit nicer. Otherwise, I’m happy with the results and even happier that I didn’t spend time in Lightroom’s develop module fiddling with tone curves and sliders.

5 thoughts on “Practice

  1. That’s a good idea – give yourself a target for the day’s photography. Another one I might steal…

    We could do with a Hoon down our road…it’s got worse since the Covid thing, since the local recycling dumps are no longer usable unless you pre-book a slot. Way too much trouble for people when they can just wind down their car window and chuck stuff out along a quiet country road. This weekend we have acquired some car tyres and a tarp. Car tyres are a common feature nowadays since you have to pay to recycle them. Way too much trouble for people when they can just stop their car along a quiet country road, open the boot/trunk and chuck them out in my hedge. You see the pattern. Hoon describes them perfectly…


    1. Goals are good, since I more often than not just go out the door with the camera and come back with nothing because I didn’t know what I was looking for. I really must make a habit of setting goals for myself.
      Shocking story about people throwing garbage out on country roads. People bringing pets to the countryside and abandoning them is a problem here. Puppies are cute, but taking care of them gets annoying after a few weeks. So it’s out of the city for a drive and goodbye Spot. Some humans are garbage.


      1. Ach no. Car tyres are one thing but pets? What the heck. Those poor animals. Some people live by very standards to others. I try to remind my daughter of that all the time – we don’t all think alike.


  2. Come to Scotia – all recycling continuing as normal. Fly tipping can be a problem in some places and then there’s the Dirty campers along the likes of Loch Lomond, oh and over the summer plenty of camp fires gone wrong, and the streets need swept because the drains are blocked by road silt and the street bins need emptying.
    In fact don’t bother coming to Scotia . . .


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