The second roll of film I put in my new Samsung Minolta X-700 was Ilford HP5+.

Garbage Forbidden sign painted on wall, downtown Gangneung.
This painted sign telling people not to put their trash next to the wall of this house is much nicer than the usual spray-painted scrawls.
Motorcycle in Alley, Gangneung.
This is a common sort of motorcycle in Korea. It has a 125cc engine, and in Korea you can drive any scooter or motorcycle up to that size if you have a regular car licence.
Motorcycle in alley next to empty lot, Gangneung.
The same motorcycle from another angle. I discovered this empty lot just a couple of weeks ago when I went through the back gate of a small downtown park.
Self-Portrait in Motorcycle Mirror.
The obligatory mirror self-portrait.
Empty Lot, Downtown Gangneung.
Downtown Gangneung’s backside
Air conditioner fan on building wall, downtown Gangneung.
The fan unit of a commercial building’s air conditioner. One of them, anyway. Each shop and office has its own air conditioner.
Outdoor clothes display and passing woman, downtown Gangneung.
A compose and wait photograph. I wanted someone with dark clothes to pass by the light wall so they would stand out in the photograph. I was there for a few minutes and the owner came out and pretended to go through her clothes, all the while keeping one eye on me. The woman in the photo was also looking at me with the camera to my face. Which worked out nicely for me.
20201106-001-033 amice licking my finger
I include this cat photo because, well, cats! And also to show the quality of the lens. If you click the photo and view it on Flickr, you’ll be able to see all the detail in the cat fur and my hand. I made this photo of my constantly moving friend one-handed with a manual focus camera. I’m very proud of myself! The shutter must have been flying at warp speed 9….. The HP5+ film did a very good job with the highlights and shadows as well. I’m getting a few rolls for Christmas!

6 thoughts on “Downtown Gangneung

  1. I like the first one especially – good stuff Marcus. HP5 is a fine film – I use it frequently and if developed properly you can get some really lovely results.
    The Rokkor has done a great job too hasn’t it.


  2. A nice set of shots – HP5 tones looking good there.

    Minolta always had a good reputation for their gear. I know a lot of film users are very happy with their Minolta systems – which these days can be had for not too much money. I guess its DNA lives on in Sony, in some respect.


    1. Thank you. The equipment is good and doesn’t have the hipster prices that some things like Contax have. Still, Contax . . . . mmmmm . . . .
      I’m wondering if I should try to find a 28mm and 85mm to have a basic set of lenses, or just stick with the 50mm for simplicity. I’ll probably just stay with the 50mm until I’m really sure I want to keep using the Minolta. I wish it had a spot meter function as well as the average metering, to tell the truth. The other day I brought my X-T4 to use as a light meter. Very useful for tricky lighting or deciding if a scene is worth committing to film.


  3. The Koreans are much more straightforward with their requests. In Taiwan the message can get pretty long reminding you to be a nice neighbor; sometimes a mention of the police might come up.


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